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From first client contact, through estimation, scheduling, staff management and health and Safety to invoicing and Accounting Tradesoft Premium has it all!

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Estimation and Project Management

Client Sign Off – Get clients to sign off estimates, stage completions and completed projects on any device and store it in the system 

Add Photos and Documents – Upload photos & documents to your projects and keep all the information in the project folder for easy access.
Professionally written Ts & Cs – Use our professionally written terms and conditions for both B2B and B2C contracts free of charge.

eMail documentation – Choose to email estimates and invoices directly from Tradesoft to your customers. 

Project Intelligence – Get up the minute, real time costs of a job, ensuring that you always maintain decent profit levels for your work.
Improve your service – Quick and easy client questionnaire to get valuable feedback on your service and a testimonial to use in your marketing.

Materials Management System

Manage Stock Locations – From one van to multiple warehouses and a fleet, the system is completely configurable to match your existing stock locations. 

Low stock warnings – Set warning and reorder levels and automatically send notifications to the person or people managing the stock when the levels are reached. 

Stock intelligence – Know exactly what stock you hold at all times on any device and easily add that to estimates / projects and find it when required. 

Markup and accounting – See the value of the stock you are holding and set an overall percentage mark up for estimation costings, this also comes with a manual override. 

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The Apps need to be linked to a Tradesoft account for them to work.

Track Staff Locations

Using the device GPS we track the location of staff through the apps so that you can see who is closest to a job when allocating work out.

Clock In and Out of Projects

Staff can clock in and out of projects and add materials they purchase  so you always keep a track on job costs.

Store Project Info on the phone

Don’t worry about phone signal again, Tradesoft apps store information locally and sync whenever they get a decent signal.

Secure Information

Staff only get access to the information that they need to do the job, no more and no less that that ever.

Plant Management System

Manage equipment locations – Set up each piece of equipment with a location so that it’s always very easy to locate.

Attach Pictures – Easily attach images of the item to show any identifying marks making it easier to identify. 

Manage ongoing maintenance – Set the date and frequency of scheduled maintenance and then get automatically reminded when it’s due 

Manage test certificates – Attach completed test certificates to the items to make them accessible at any time by staff on site. 

Fully integrated Health & Safety system

Manage your method statements and risks directly through the system and track worker acceptance as part of their daily working practices.

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