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Alex Gibbons, a master builder and Julian Salmon the owner of a software development company founded the company after they came together to discuss solutions to help Alex manage his rapidly growing construction business.


Alex was spending too much time on paperwork and administration and he knew he was working inefficiently. He asked Julian to find him a system that would make running his business easier and reduce his admin time. Julian reviewed the market which revealed that there was no software available that covered everything Alex wanted.


There were plenty of solutions on the market that did bits and pieces such as estimation, scheduling and diary systems, some did invoicing and basic accounts but in order to give Alex all the features he wanted, the pair realised they would have to build it.


That’s how Tradesoft was born.

Alex Gibbons said:

“I can’t believe how much more efficient the business runs, now we are using the software. We’ve saved 30% of our time on estimating and administration. My staff love it and the feedback from customers about how quickly and accurately we estimate jobs has been overwhelming. It’s also made life easier for our suppliers.


More interesting though have been the unexpected benefits. When one of our vans was broken into and tools stolen, it only took minutes to print off the inventory for the vehicle and check it against what was left getting an accurate list of what had been taken.


When the insurance loss adjuster saw the pictures of the items stored in Tradesoft, he was amazed, so much so he told his bosses about the system. Shortly after they asked us for a demonstration and now they recommend Tradesoft to their other construction clients.


Needless to say the insurance pay-out was extremely fast allowing us to get back to work in double quick time.”

“We’re so proud of our software – We know you will love using it every day”

Our Flexi Plan

What if you workforce varies based on the projects that you have on at the time then our flexi plans may be the one for you, run on a pay monthly by invoice basis, if you give us a commitment for 12 months we will allow you to run 25% more staff through the system at no extra cost. So for example if your staffing level runs between 40 and 50 then you only ever pay for 40 at £9 per month saving you up to £1080.00 per year.

Let us know your requirements below and see what we can do for you.

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