Our tips to introduce construction business management software successfully

Are you thinking of introducing building construction management software into your business but you’re not quite how to do it? While this article can’t answer all of your questions, it will give you a guide to introducing the software as smoothly as possible. It will also provide a great starting point. Follow these tips to help make introducing your new software an easier process.

Establish the need. Begin by establishing the need for this type of software in your business and how it can be of value. There aren’t many companies that can’t benefit from the extra productivity, organisational and time saving features it can offer. However, you will need to make sure that it has the elements that your business needs so it can help deliver the improvements that you want.

Gain some knowledge. Learn everything you can about the software before it is introduced. Ask questions of the sales staff and customer service team, request demonstrations, and read through FAQ sections and online manuals until you have a good feel for all of the features. Ask any questions that might not be addressed in manuals or look at online forums and ask other businesses how they are benefiting from the same software.

Begin by testing – you can do this either through a free trial or a free download. Test the key elements of the software so that you can begin to see what introducing it on a full-time basis can offer to your company.

Concentrate on the most important areas. Some areas of your business might need more organisation than others. It’s also likely there are aspects of running your company that are far too time-consuming.  Instead of trying to learn what all of the features do to begin with, focus on the elements of your business that will benefit the most. Later, you can then begin to look at the other features that could be helpful to your business and start to navigate your way around those.

Integrate – prior to purchasing. Check the compatibility with your other software programmes. Once it has been installed, see how well it integrates with your existing software. For instance, you might already have an accounting programme or database program. Once they are integrated, you can assess how they complement each other.

Introduce it to a limited amount of staff first. If you won’t be the only one using the building construction management software, at some point you’re going to need to introduce it to other members of staff. To make this phase easier, start by introducing it to key members first. For instance, you might want to introduce it to the accountancy team. Or if you have another team who are responsible for estimating, then you can train them before it gets wider use around the company

Offer to support staff – make sure the staff know that they will get the support they need during the introduction rephrase. You might want to offer them individual training sessions so that they can gain confidence with the software before it is officially introduced. You might also want to make sure that your staff know that there is ongoing support available should they have questions along the way.

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