The Construction Industry And 2019

It’s almost the end of the year – which is why we’ve written this post about things which could happen in the Construction Industry in 2019. These aren’t certain – they’re just some things which might be good for the sector if they were to happen. So here’s five things that could occur in the Construction Industry in 2019.

Use of technology to increase.2019

Because the Construction Industry has been quite slow adapting to new technologies, we think it’ll start to use them soon. There are a lot of new technologies around at the moment – we previously wrote this post about some of them. The amount of technologies available could increase too.

Not only can new technologies save Construction companies money, they can also save them time. This might mean that jobs could be finished faster and for a lower cost.

Another element of this could be the wider use of off-site construction. This could change the process of construction if projects are built off-site and assembled faster at the site. Using this method instead of current systems might also cut down on time and money required to complete a project.

This point is really all about new ways of improving productivity in the Construction Industry. It would be great for the sector to become more productive, as that would mean it would then be able to complete the same jobs in less time. This could lead to more projects being completed overall. So the sector could grow.

The skills shortage to reduce.

This one might not happen that quickly as the skills shortage is a rather large issue for the Construction Sector to overcome. However, there is work being done to shrink the effect that the skills shortage can have on the Industry – so maybe it might reduce a little bit after all.

If the skills shortage was smaller, there would be more skilled workers available for jobs – which might also increase the productivity of the sector as there are more people who can do specific tasks.

Continued growth of Construction.

It would be good if the growth the Construction Industry is experiencing could continue for a while longer. What would make this even better would be if this was across all areas of the sector. This would then mean that if there was a slowing down of growth, Construction would still be alright. Having a stronger sector overall is good for the Industry itself and the wider UK economy.

House building to keep being a strong part of the sector.

Although it would be great if the Construction Sector as a whole grew, house building is a key part of this. Therefore, it would be good if the house building sector continued to grow – which would improve the overall growth of the sector as a whole.

Government to continue improving the sector.

The Government’s Construction Sector Deal was announced earlier this year – to know more about it, check out this post. There were a lot of things involved in the deal, all with the aim of making the Construction Sector better.

It would be great to see if anything from this Deal starts to be put into place in 2019. Not only because it would be good for the Construction Sector in the short term, but it would also suggest that the rest of the ideas in the Construction Sector Deal could also be put into place in the future. Which would be great for the sector overall too.

There’s a few things here that might be good for the Construction Industry over the next few months. Like we said earlier, there’s no guarantee they will happen – although they would be good for the Industry if they did.

It seems like there’s one thing that these have in common – they all involve the Construction Sector growing, and some of them also involve doing this by increasing productivity. Maybe that’s the thing which would really be good – using software, for example, to manage jobs and save time. A more productive Construction Sector could lead to an increase in jobs being completed, and in the overall amount of work available. This could then mean that the Sector can continue to grow as well.


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