A Look Into The New Construction Sector Deal

At the start of July this year, the UK Government announced a new Construction Sector Deal. This is aimed at boosting the sector in a range of ways. There’s over £400 million available for them to implement these plans, and give the construction industry a boost.

It’s already been mentioned in the Summer Update of the Construction Sector post, but only lightly. So this post is here to go into more detail.

Here’s some of the key points of the new Construction Sector Deal.


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The report talks about increasing the innovation of the UK and how this will impact construction. This looks like it will involve using new technologies to improve productivity and for data analysis. One such technology should be Building Information Modelling (BIM).  As well as this, the Government is going to provide funding for research and development.

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More training and improving the standards of apprenticeships. This will include more placements for students so they can develop an interest in the sector. It can also help them find a way into a career in the industry. There’s also the creation of programmes to improve worker retention and options to retrain some in new technologies.

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Billions of pounds worth of investment into infrastructure, and starting to look into using offsite construction when it’s better value for money. The extra investment will be across a range of projects such as social and transport.


Making sure training is available for people across the UK, not just in a few areas. This point also includes looking into supply chains and making them work better.


This looks at promoting national standards across the sector and building collaborations globally.

There’s a lot more in the report too – to go into depth would require a much longer blog post. There’s a link to the full report at the bottom of this article, if you’d like to read it all.

One of the key points from this new deal seems to be the scale of it – and the range of ideas. Rather than focusing on one area to improve – such as reducing the skills shortage for example – the deal looks at a variety of areas. It also has a few ideas for each – including things the Government and the sector will do over the coming years.

Another key point to take from this report is the amount of mentions new technologies have. The new deal seems to be one which will make the construction sector more modern, and ensure new technologies are used fully to improve productivity and the industry as a whole. The encouragement of innovation is also another key point of the deal, which is mentioned a few times.

It will be interesting to see how the construction sector changes over the next few years, and if this will have any kind of an impact on productivity. The ideas are there to help with this – along with the aim of boosting innovation. Both of these might be able to help the construction sector keep up to date with new technology – and could improve efficiency. Which could then help the industry grow faster.

The new ideas are ambitious – some look at improving or changing things quite a lot over a few years. However, if each of these ideas works the construction sector might end up stronger and contribute more to the economy.

At the moment, there’s no way to know what kind of impact all of these ideas will have. But the point is that the ideas are there – and so is the investment. The construction sector could improve a lot if these ambitious ideas end up being realised. Boosting efficiency and innovation, as well as investing in training more people, seems like it could be good for construction at this point.


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The full Construction Sector Deal report is here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/construction-sector-deal/construction-sector-deal .


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