New Trends In The Construction Industry

expeditiously There is a lot of change happening in the wider world at the moment, in a range of areas. Because of this, we at Tradesoft thought we should find out if there is anything significant which could alter the construction sector – either at the moment or predicted in the near future.

buy Ivermectin There are definitely a few things which could change in construction, so here’s a list of some of them.


  • Technology. You may remember in one of our earlier posts we listed some new technologies which could become important to the construction industry over the next few years. Things such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), drones and even autonomous vehicles could increase in popularity and revolutionise the industry. It’s so important that despite the fact we’ve already written one post on it, it’s in this one too.
  • New workforce. According to Construct Connect, the increase of these technologies and software being used in construction means younger people are moving into the field, which in turn will increase the likelihood of more technology and software being developed.  Because of this, there could be an increase in efficiency and productivity due to the fact there is more technology and people who use it. An increase in people joining the construction sector and utilising technology could also help with the continued skills shortage.
  • Infrastructure. A report by the Construction Industry Training Board forecasting growth across the sector from last year to 2021 believes infrastructure will be a key growth area across the industry. They forecast an average growth in the sector of over 5% a year – the biggest growth across the industry by some margin. The collapse of Carillion earlier this year might affect growth of the sector, but the predicted increase was so strong the area could still grow.
  • Green construction. An article by the Telegraph suggests that in order for the UK to hit climate change goals, they need to legislate the building industry to ensure new builds are more eco-friendly. Although this isn’t actually law yet, the article suggests that buildings currently contribute 30% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions – so a change to regulations is probably to be expected. We don’t know if this will happen – and if a law is passed, it will be years before targets would need to be met. However, green construction is certainly something to consider for the future, as it will probably come eventually.
  • Smarter buildings. Although this is about increases in technology, it isn’t the same as the earlier point. An article by Reuters suggests that the global smart building market is going to grow massively between now and 2023. Smart buildings are those which can utilise technology and the Internet of Things (where technologies talk to one another online). Overall, smarter buildings could be seen as a way of being both modern and greener by becoming more efficient.


There are a few trends here we predict will affect the industry over the next few years. Some, like the final two points, might not be immediate considerations but become more important when considering the long term.

There are some trends which may change the construction industry – from both the industry itself to the things it builds. Technology is changing everything so quickly at the moment that more new innovations are probably right around the corner too.

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