Technology Which Could Change The Face Of Construction Technology has altered most aspects of everyday life in a way that would have been unimaginable a few decades ago.

where is the best place to order clomid online There’s no certain way of knowing exactly what will happen with technology in the construction industry. However, there are definitely new developments that could have an impact over the next few years. Here’s a list of some of them.


  • According to UK Construction Online, one of the trends set to affect construction is the adaptation of Building Information Modelling, or BIM. This is a way of utilising technology to create a 3D model of a construction project – with more sophisticated versions analysing the schedule and cost of a project too. This technology isn’t exactly new – indeed the UK government considers it an important part of their 2016-2020 construction strategy. However, BIM is a tool which can save time and money – and therefore, adoption of it is likely to continue through 2018. BIM could keep technologically advancing as time passes too.
  • An article on Cobalt Recruitment suggests that another useful technology for the industry is drones. They’re useful for surveying ground and reduces time spent by workers having to use scaffolding and ladders as they can send a drone to check things. Whilst their use isn’t necessarily widespread at the moment, this could be about to change if it means companies can save time and money.
  • Verdict states the rise of pre-fabricated buildings as another way the industry is changing. Because their development has been improving over the years, and the variety of pre-fabs has grown, there are ideas that these could rise in popularity. The fact that they’re much faster to put up so require less time on site to construct than traditional houses is probably helping with this too.
  • The B1m have suggested that autonomous vehicles are also going to become more popular. Switching to these vehicles saves on labour and might be able to increase productivity. Given the continuing development of self-driving cars recently, the introduction of autonomous vehicles on construction sites doesn’t seem so far-fetched. However, as The B1m also points out, initial cost of these vehicles would be high. Until this cost reduces over time, we’re not sure how many of these will actually be around.
  • Looking further into the future, Construction Global suggest that AR (Augmented Reality) is also something which might one day be an important part of construction. This one’s not so much of a reality as the others, although investment is there for an Augmented Worker System, or AWE. Although AR won’t be around for a while, when this does become a reality this system could improve productivity and cut cost. So pretty useful then.


Technology is set to impact the construction industry – these are only some of the possible ways. But one major consensus between sources seems to be that these technologies will cut down on cost. They might replace labour at some levels, but they will increase productivity – which could mean the sector grows overall.


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