Thinking of Buying Construction Company Management Software? Ask These Questions First…

Introducing construction company management software into your company can change the way you manage many of the core aspects of your business. However, if you’re thinking of making a purchase, there are some considerations you need to make first. Before you buy the software, begin by asking the following questions:

What can I gain from it?

Consider the areas of your business that you’d you would most like to change. You might want to spend less time estimating, simplify invoicing and accounting, or make it easier for the accounting team to manage it for you. Or you could have a need to streamline communication and scheduling.

Before you make a decision to purchase, ask yourself how the main features of the construction company management software could change the way your business functions, and what benefits this would give your

Can I customise it?

This is one question that shouldn’t be overlooked. Buying software for your business might not deliver the results you need if it can’t be customised in order to meet the demands of your particular company. Prior to buying, speak to the customer service team or a sales representative and ask about customisation and the degree of customisation available to you once the software has been purchased.

What support level is available?

When you first get your software, it’s going to be a learning curve and you are bound to have lots of questions. Alternatively, there might be features of the software that are easier to master than others and you might have some concerns on how to navigate them in order to get the best from it. Before you buy, ask what levels of support are available and whether or not you have to pay an additional fee to access them on an ongoing basis.

Can I get a free trial?

If you’re still not sure if construction company management software is right for your specific needs, a free trial is a great way of answering those questions. A trial will also give you practical experience of the software so you won’t be learning as you go once it’s introduced. Many companies will mention on their website if you can trial the software, but if they don’t, ask if one is available. That way you can get some experience of it before making a commitment.

Can I get a demonstration?

You don’t want to spend too much during your first few weeks learning how to use the basics. If you want to keep your learning phase to the minimum, an effective way of doing this is to ask for a demonstration. Alternatively, look online for free video tutorials so that you can learn the main features as quickly as possible.

What do your staff think?

If you employ members of staff who will also need to use the software, ask for the feedback first. Do they see construction company management software making their jobs easier? For instance, can it streamline the way the accountancy department works? And how keen are your staff to learn the finer points of the software and see the benefits it could offer them?


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